How to Get Diablo 3

You woke up too late, and panic was installed on the Internet.

That, of course if you want to buy Diablo 3 but cheaper. Anytime you buy digital version directly from your account for about 60 euros, or about £ 270.

For those who avoid diablo 3 torrents and want to feel the smell of paper, to touch the DVD BOX version at lowest price in Romania is in the Altex. From what I’ve realized that we are the only official importer, buying it from the rest of Altex or external sources.

So, Altex, standard is 219 RON (update: on request) and Collector’s Edition 399 RON (update: pulled EC Altex offer).

Emag sell: Diablo 3 Standard Edition with 229 RON (update: in stock!) And 479 RON for Collector’s Edition (update: sold out) sells PC, priced terribly high, 259 (update: $ 300) for the standard version. For what?

Monos, simple version sells for 232 RON (update: in stock provider) and the Collector’s, said it no longer takes orders, and existing ones will be satisfied by first come, first served.

At, Standard Edition, is £ 249.
Cheaper digital?

Yes, shop sells digital version cheaper (215 EUR), but even if you believe that a stock may run digital, sold out in a while :).
(Update: will soon receive several hundred key sites)
I want to buy the night, crowd me, beat me to it!

Me too, although I have a one month old preorder something from EMAG, I am nervous that I will not be honored. So a slaughter to attend can get my hands on a Collector’s :). Number is very limited, it seems that constant Altex has allocated only 5 pieces of EC and 400 normal BOX: (. Dreamed That if a EC to make your idea, how limited is the number. Mock Blizzard about their fans 🙂

Emag Altex and some stores will open at midnight (14 to 15 May) for this event. See here if your town is on the list 🙂
(Update: in Constanta, Altex were 0 pieces of EC to launch at midnight – a travesty)

Amazon announced that the game is “preordered” in history.